Customized Solutions That Synchronize Your Supply Chain

Being able to access shipment information exactly when you need it is as critical as the delivery itself. Manitoulin keeps you up to speed and in touch by integrating today’s most advanced online technologies into your shipping process. The result? We empower your organization to shorten response times, access to real-time shipping reports and the ability to ship your world with ease.

MT – your secure 24/7 online web portal

Our leading-edge transportation technology and integrated processes enable us to meet and surpass the unique technology requirements of each of our customers.

Your organization can access all shipment related data through MT Direct, our customized internet portal. This user-friendly tool enables customers to fully automate their shipping process and manage all transportation activities.

These are some of the tools that MT offers:

  • Track and trace
  • Customized reporting
  • On-line pick-ups
  • Rate quote
  • Transit time calculator
  • Invoice history
  • Create a Bill of Lading
  • Document imaging

By using MT, customers will be able to minimize their business risk by optimizing inventory turnover, reduce costs in their supply chain cycle, make accurate shipping decisions, and rely on accurate forecasting.


Manitoulin Transport invests in the right technologies that provide customers with superior freight security and consistent reliability of service they deserve.

Some of our most notable investments in security include:

  • Global positioning systems for all our vehicles. This system will locate our vehicles at all times.
  • All tractors use an electronic key ring that will start the vehicle within close proximity of the ignition switch. Without this key ring, the vehicle will not start.
  • All terminals are equipped with state-of-the-art surveillance security systems.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Manitoulin always looks for ways to simplify the shipping process for all our customers. This is why, through advanced electronic data interchange systems, we can send and receive customized documentation to expedite shipments. Manitoulin’s up-to-date electronic data interchange systems facilitate the exchange of our data for our customers avoiding human intervention, shipping and billing errors as well as needless paperwork.