Alex Debogorski Ice Road Truckers 2012Mississauga, Ontario – Manitoulin Transport will be featured in the hit TV series, Ice Road Truckers, when it teams up with veteran truck driver, Alex Debogorski, for Season 6 this coming fall. The new season from Shaw Media’s History Channel, promises to be another nail-biting exposé of this gritty occupation.

Ice Road Truckers showcases a specialized area of the trucking industry unknown to most. In some of the coldest regions of North America, many communities can be reached only for a few months each year, when rivers, lakes and seas freeze over and make it possible for trucks to get in. Ice Road Truckers follows some of the drivers who tackle these challenging and dangerous conditions to deliver the vital goods that communities at the very top of the world need to survive.

Alex has more than 30 years’ experience driving and hauling goods across North America. In Season 6, he moves on to conquer new territory: Canada’s remote Dempster Highway, stretching up into the Arctic Circle connecting the Klondike Highway in the Yukon to Inuvik, in the Northwest Territories. Here, unseasonably warm weather forces Alex to battle some of the thinnest ice the winter roads have ever seen.

“Taking an 18-wheeler out onto a frozen body of water, far from civilization, takes skill, dedication, and physical and mental endurance,” said Gord Smith, chief executive officer, Manitoulin Transport. “We’re proud to have Alex represent us because he shares those qualities with our own drivers. We’re also proud to have the geographic coverage and equipment it takes to deliver vital goods, such as food, tools and medical supplies, to the people and industries in remote regions of North America that depend on us to get them there, and get them there on time. Ice Road Truckers does an excellent job of exposing the important work transportation companies do and their contribution to isolated communities.”