Notice to Our Valued Customers:

Regarding: Kicking Horse Canyon Construction – Spring/Summer 2021

The Province of British Columbia has announced that it will be embarking on the final phase (Phase 4) of the widening and realignment of a section of the Trans-Canada highway known as the Kicking Horse Pass, running between Golden BC and Castle Junction AB located west of Lake Louise.

This construction is significant as it encompasses some of the most rugged highway terrain in Canada.  As a result, a 4.8 kilometre section of this highway (specifically Kicking Horse Canyon) will be closed commencing April 12, 2021, followed by extensive continuing nightly closures for an undetermined length of time.  This disruption will force traffic to an alternative route of Hwy 93-S and 95 through Radium Hot Springs.  This temporary diversion will add transit time due to extra miles and congestion, and of course cost for carriers such as Manitoulin for shipments that move between Vancouver and Calgary. Since there are likely to be delays for quite some time, we encourage you to continue to visit our website for updates on any additional road closures as a result of this construction.

Accordingly, during this time all shipments that are diverted around this corridor will be subject to a temporary Kicking Horse Canyon (KHC) surcharge of $1.25/CWT with a minimum charge of $18.50 per shipment, to a maximum of $325.00 per shipment.

Thank you for your continued trust and for choosing Manitoulin Transport for your shipping needs.

Click on the link below for more detailed information about the Kicking Horse Canyon Project. and follow the ‘Construction’ link.

Kicking Horse Canyon Construction